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Bitraf opened on March 1st 2012, and is Oslo's largest hackerspace with a 950 square meter space downtown Oslo. This is a community for enthusiasts of the electronic arts; programming, graphics, music, sound and electronics. We have strong ties to the demoscene and the free software movement. The space is open 7 days per week for anyone, so feel free to pop by when in Oslo!

We're open all day, but there's more member activity during the evenings and weekends. At daytime, you'll still find people at Bitraf since we offer a coworking space (includes Bitraf membership) as well, but they may not always have the time to show you around. If you're new to Bitraf and Hackerspaces, we typically recommend you drop by one of our theme-evenings such as Build Night. These evenings there's almost always someone that can show you around and tell how things work.

Organized theme evenings

  • Byggekveld (Build Night) - Every Thursday you'll find Bitraf full of electronics enthusiasts, 3d printing geeks, robot builders and others making stuff.
  • Friprog (Open Source Night) - Every Monday, people working on Open Source Software will meet up.
  • Spillprogrammering (Game Dev Night) - Tuesdays you'll find designers, modelers and programmers working together on various game-related projects.

There's also lots of workshops and other events at the space. Sign up at our Meetup page to follow what happens and join in the fun. Meetup allows you to adjust the amount of information you get, so we like the service for it's flexibility.

About Bitraf

Bitraf is organized as a registered organisation that has the sole purpose of providing a hackerspace in Oslo. It is free to be at Bitraf, but we encourage users to register as paying members. The paying members are what funds our space and ensures our future. We are organized as a Do-ocracy and all activity stems from members. The structure is flat, but we have a board and a manager (Thomas Winther) that takes care of daily operations.