Fra Bitraf
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  • Version: V2 or V3

Tekniske spesifikasjoner

  • Heating​​ method: ​​Infrared​​ heating
  • Maximum​​ operating​​ height:​​ 2000m
  • Power:​ ​3000W
  • Net​​ weight:​​ 35kg
  • Dimensions​​ of ​​the ​​oven: ​​62,5cm​​ x​ ​48,5cm​​ x​​ 23,5cm
  • Dimensions​​ of​​ the​​ oven​​ with​​ hood: ​​62.5cm​ ​x ​​66,0cm​​ x​​ 26,0cm
  • Control​​ options:​​ via​​ display​​ or​​ via​​ computer​​(Windows) ​​connected​​ with​​ USB
  • Maximum​​ PCB​​ size: ​​350​​x​​250mm​​(L​​x​​W)
  • Operational​ ​voltage: ​​230V
  • Operating​​ temperature:​​ 260°C​​ (500°F) - measured on the top side of the PCB
  • Ambient ​​temperature: ​​5°C ​​- ​​40°C ​​(41°F ​​- 104°F)
  • Fuse: ESKA​​:​​​ 6,3x32mm​​ 16A​ ​230V,​​ delayed


You ​​need​​ to​​ place ​​the ​​PCB​​ centrally ​​in ​​the ​​oven ​​between ​​the​​ top ​​and​​ bottom sensors. ​​It ​​is ​​very​​ important ​​that ​​the ​​PCB ​​is ​​placed ​​under ​​the ​​sensor ​​so​​ that the ​​sensor ​​does ​​not ​​receive ​​any ​​radiated ​​heat ​​from ​​the ​​preheater ​​(bottom) IR-lamps.​​This​​ ensures​​ that ​​the ​​temperature​​ control ​​will​​ function ​​properly.

When precise temperature readings on the PCB are required, place the external sensor thermocouple directly to the PCB in order to measure the temperature on its surface. Secure it with Kaptopn tape or solder it using solder wire with high melting tmperature to the top or the bottom of the PCB.

Bruk av ovnen: Profil 2 ble testet og fungerte fint med TS391SNL50. Går opp til 250 C. Tar 5 min.


  • eC-reflow-pilot-V1015-17-10-2011[1] (Windows)
  • dokumentasjon: eC-reflow-pilot operator manual[2]



installed eC-reflow-pilot on the laptop on top shelf, and connected it to the oven (com port COM3). Testyed by open the oven door with eC-reflow-pilot, and downloading the profiles from the oven. The software works. Tingo (diskusjon) 10. nov. 2022 kl. 21:23 (CET)