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OctoPrint[1] er en måte å få 3D-printere tilgjengelig på nettverket. OctoPrint Community Forum[2] er stedet for å få hjelp.

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webgrensesnittet finner du på "printernavn.local" for eksempel borboleta.local i nettleseren din. Man logger inn som bruker "bitraf" med standard passord.

Oppgradere firmware på printer

Ja, det er mulig å oppgradere firmware på printerene ved bruk av OctoPrint. For å få tilgang, logg inn i OctoPrint som en admin-bruker, deretter bruker du "Firmware Updater" fra skiftenøkkel-menyen. Merk: du bør ha lastet ned nyeste firmware (fra Prusa sine sider) og pakket den ut først.


  • OctoPrint on Github[3]


OctoPrint for Prusa i3 MK3 and MK3S

Notes and tips from testing (24.11.2019)
  • Hardware Setup
    • Raspberry Pi Zero
    • Raspberry Pi 3 or 4
      • The easiest way is to power the Pi using an external supply and connect it to the printer using a USB Type-A to Type-B cable.
  • Software Setup
    • Download OctoPi and follow the instructions to set it up on the Raspberry Pi.
    • Once the Pi is powered up, it takes a couple minutes to boot up. Accessing the board in the browser over wifi using `http://octopi.local` is far from bullet-proof. It may work out-of-the-box. If not, check out avahi-utils. In general, SSH (`ssh pi@octopi.local`) seems to resolve the hostname more reliably, but a fallback if all else fails is to connect the Pi to your computer via an Ethernet cable and use SSH. Once logged in, the board will print its wifi IP address on the network, which you can then use instead of `octopi.local`.
    • __Pi Zero Only__ There are a few extra steps related to pins and ports to make the printer available in OctoPrint.
    • For OctoPrint setup (and more), follow the instructions in this video. Here are a variety of printer profiles for reference.
    • Setting up a webcam or a Raspberry Pi Camera Module is straightforward. Simply connect (and reboot the Pi).
  • Extras
    • You can use OctoPrint-ipOnConnect for the nice feature of showing the printer's IP address on the LCD display upon bootup.
  • Printers used
    • Borboleta (Raspberry Pi Zero)
    • Stag Beetle (Raspberry Pi 3 + Raspberry camera)

The username for everything is `pi`.

  • @TODO
    • Explore OctoPrint configuration and ensure a secure setup.
    • Automate the software setup process if all other printers are to get OctoPrint.
    • Setting up Slic3r.

Relevante FAQ'er

Mulige forbedringer / possible improvements

This section contains ideas for possible improvements.

power-on to online time

It takes a while (several minutes up to five or ten minutes) before a printer is online after being powered on. Since the Raspberry Pi is powered from the printer, it can't be "always on" unless the printer also is "always on", and we do not want that.

If possible, figure out a way to get the printer online faster.