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Fra Bitraf
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Setting up a Raspberry Pi as a camera server in the 3D printing room

Notes and tips from testing (24.11.2019)
  • motionEyeOs seems to be a popular Linux distro to turn single-board computers into camera surveillance servers.
  • Following the installation instructions and this video resulted in a successful setup using a Raspberry Pi 4.
  • Initial impressions:
    • The distro seems to be very light with fast bootup speed (also because of the power of Pi 4).
    • There does not seem to be a `xyz.local` hostname to easily access the Pi, so finding the IP address is the only way. There are several ways, the laziest of which is to hook it up to a display while it is booting and read the bootup messages.
    • The web UI, where all the config is done, can be a little clunky.


  • Test the tool with several cameras and explore the different available settings.

The two usernames for the web UI are `admin` and `pi`, both using the same credentials. For ssh, use `ssh admin@IP-ADDRESS` and the password you set in the web UI.