Fra Bitraf
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If you are the last one to leave Bitraf, this is the routine for closing the space.

  • Walk around the entire space (including offices) and make sure that you are indeed the last one.
  • Check that the emergency exits on both floors are closed. Use the lower handle to test this.
  • Check that the Iron in the sewing room is turned off
  • Check that all soldering irons in the lab and smutcave is turned off (use the main switch above the desk in Smutcave)
  • Make sure all the Prusa 3D Printers [1] are turned off. (The Formlabs 3D printer can however print unattended, so don't touch that one)
  • Turn off all lights. The main switch is marked "Hovedlys" and it's placed above the door of the main entrance.

Note that this routine is also posted on the exit door itself