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Terms of Service for Bitraf memberships

To be a Bitraf member, we'll need some information from you. Bitraf will not be storing anything other than your email and a password. All financial transactions happen between you and Stripe, so Bitraf does not store any financial information you provide.

Membership duration

Your membership will renew automatically once per month and you can stop it at any time on your mebership page on https://p2k16.bitraf.no/ Be aware that door access stops the second you stop your membership, so it's uaually better to set a reminder to cancel the membership than doing it right away (if you want/need door access).

Rules and guidelines

Bitraf members must abide by our very simple rule "Don't be a jerk".

More specifically: if you have opinions that might hurt others, you should keep them to yourself. You should treat everybody the same, regardless of age, looks and heritage. Bitraf is a place where introverts and extroverts enjoy to stay. Respect the boundaries of other people. If someone is using headphones, it's normally a sign that they want to be alone or are trying to focus, so you shouldn't disturb them.

The rule also implies that everyone cleans up after her- or himself (including in the kitchen!). Leaving stuff for others to clean is being a jerk. Bitraf pays someone to clean floors and empty garbage ONCE a week. The rest we do ourselves. If you forget to clean up, another member will have to clean up after you. If a trashcan is full, change the garbage bag in it and bring the full bag into the backyard and dispose of it in one of the trashcans there. To open the gate to the backyard, press the extra switch next to the switch that opens the door to the street (ie. the one closest to the door).

The rule also means that it is totally ok to let someone know if he or she is misusing equipment, using it without the required safety equipment or similar - in a nice way. Often they don't know how to do it properly or where the safety equipment can be found. Explain and teach, in a polite way.

Unfortunately, this also means that your pet can't be at Bitraf. We do have members with allergies and bringing a dog/cat/whatever can really destroy the day for these. It really does not matter if your pet is kind/does not loose hair/is kind to allergics/silent.

Things to be aware of

  • Bitraf can not provide insurance for members (we have tried) so all members must have their own insurance that covers accidents that could happen when using equipment at Bitraf.
  • When you damage equipment by not following the rules (example: not keeping an eye on the 3D printer, CNC mill or laser cutter while using it) you will have to pay for necessary repairs from your own pocket.
  • Bitraf covers damages on equipment during normal use, but it is important that you notify others about the damage, by writing a note on the machine about the damage and sending an email to post@bitraf.no, describing the damage so someone can fix it. If you are able to fix it yourself, it's better if you fix it right away.
  • Without an adult guardian, you need to be 18 years to use the space. With an adult to watch over you, kids and youth are very welcome. The reason for this rule is that we have many dangerous machines. Everyone is responsible for their own security and need to have their own insurance coverage.

You can read more about Bitraf and memberships here https://bitraf.no/wiki/Hvordan_Bitraf_fungerer:en