Småjobber i Brenneriveien

Fra Bitraf
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When you enter, look straight ahead, and by the stairs there is a flip chart and a whiteboard with småjobber that can be done to help Bitraf get up to speed! There are whiteboard pens available there to mark off when done and please put your name so we can say thanks later!

Things that need to be done

  • Are on the whiteboard, pls mark when done and put your name!
  • Anything you don't know/understand, can ask Yoshi or Thomas Winther on Slack. Other members may also know!

Things that are in progress

Here are the responsible people for each section of Bitraf, ask these lovely people what can be done/needs to be done/plans etc for these areas, Slack the best place

  • Sewing room - Eweyln & Trude
  • Bioraf - Heikki
  • Metal verksted - Trym & Nikolai Kolstad
  • Casting/Molding - Geir Sire

Things that have been done

  • Shopbot/CNC. -
  • Smut Cave. - Elias Bakken/Jensa
  • 3D printer room - Hermann
  • Laser room -