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Pure Water System

The user Limnoan has made a generous donation of a water purification system that produce ion-exchanged pure water for Bioraf (and Bitraf) use. The system compromise of three replacable purification systems. First an absorber, second an ion-exchanger and lastly a microfilter to take the smallest particles such as bacteria. The flow-rate of the system is quite slow, so it runs continously to fill a reservoir tank to hold the ion-exhanged purified water. When the reservoir is full, an magnetic valve is used to turn off the whole system.

NOTE that this water is NOT intended for consumption, it is reserved for laboratory work and other tasks that require especially pure water.

Usage Instructions

For those who want a Norwegian instruction it can be found in this file: Fil:Bioraf Vannrenseanleggbruk v1.pdf.

  1. Koble til autostopp. (?)
  2. Open the reservoir spigot slowly, as it affects the flowrate through the filters ( should be kept low).

= Parts

  1. #0150615 - Cole-Parmer Ion Exchange Filter Cartridge, adsorber
  2. #0150635 - Cole-Parmer Ion Exchange Filter Cartridge, research
  3. #9925600 - Thermo Scientific Barnstead D3750 NANOpure /EASYpure II Final Filter

Delivered from LabMo AS Vågadalen 73 5209 OS

  1. #36037 NC Nivåstrømbryter
  2. #87084 Vannventil 12 V
  3. 220 V AC to 12V 1.5 A DC Powersupply

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