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Bitraf will have available to members a PocketNC 5-axis CNC capable of working on wood, plastic, wax, 6061 aluminum, 303 stainless steel and technically even G5 titanium and brass. It has a 115x128x90 work volume, a 50,000 RPM, capable of end mill shank sizes of .125 inch (3.175 mm). [1]

In order to use the cutter you must have taken a training course, and the first time you cut, an experienced member must be present. Follow Bitraf's Meetup Group for these courses.

PocketNC Resources

PocketNC Resource Wiki[2]


Fusion 360

Fusion 360 should be used for designing models and building toolpaths (GCode). PocketNC has made available 3D STEP files for the rotary table and common end mills which helps with simulation and part alignment within the design space.

  • Fusion 360 Tool Library for PocketNC including V2-50 CHB Spindle[3]
  • Fusion 360 STEP model for B-Table and PocketNC Vice [4]

PocketNC Simulator